Books Read – Jan-Feb ’13

Sharing books that our boy read and enjoyed Month: Jan-Feb 2013 Age: 4 yrs 1. 小夜熊 Author: 酒井驹子 This is Chinese Translation of a Japanese Story. It is an imaginative story about a boy who was woken up in the night by a bear who had lost his Mummy. ==================================== 2. Chirchir is Singing Author: […]

The First Post Of Year 2013

Happy New Year to everyone who is reading this! How was your second day of the year, at work/at school/at home? We spent the whole weekend at home because Hubby got sick on Friday and Dar was also down with a runny nose. In fact, Dar had been having a persistent cough for more than […]

Setting Goals To Accomplish for 2013

We usually talk about New Year Resolutions in a few sentences but nobody seemed to be able to complete all of them at the end of the year. The only constant thing is change but change is quite difficult for most of us ‘lazy’ people. Therefore, I decided to create a listing this coming year […]

Be Thankful And Reflecting on Year 2012

I started thinking about the things I want to do for 2013 at the start of the month or what I had NOT completed in my life. If you think we had a good year because of all the weekly snippets of fun things we did, the numerous things we bought and gasp, even travel […]