Ling At 2 years old

She turned 2 last week! This is a record of her milestones and behaviour at 2 years old.

ArtTimeWithMe – Apple Tree Craft with Ling

Art Time With Me – A weekly activity where we do something artistic and creative. Ling did an apple tree craft picture with me on Wk 41 & Wk 42.

Tot School Wk 1 – Letter A

Tot School in Wk 41 started! I decided it’s time we do more structured learning after seeing how she loves to do art and craft. She often loves to point out letters of the alphabet when she sees them. Hence, I’m introducing “Letter of the Week” craft activities to reinforce
her learning. Read more…

ArtTimeWithMe – 01, 02 and 03

Our Weekly Art Sessions which started at the end of September. We had completed three sessions so far.