Teaching him beyond

When he was younger, well-meaning people disagreed with our methods of teaching Dar. They would say, “He’s still young lar. He can learn these later…” Now they are often impressed with the behaviour they see. They are impressed with the way he speaks, things an average 5-year-old wouldn’t be able to say…

Recaps on The Last Day of 2013

It’s the last day of the Year 2013 and it’s time for a great recap. What had we achieved for this year? Did I finished my goals? Read on…

A child’s ambition

How young must a child be to have an ambition? Or to have a passion? Must everyone work in a professional kind of job that is recognized by the majority? “Teacher, doctors, nurses, managers, accountant, lawyer, civil servant such as fireman, soldiers.” I had never once asked my child what he wanted to do until […]

Right on Track With Goals

It’s March and a quarter into the year 2013. Have you accomplished or are in progress of whatever you set for your goals at the beginning of the year?
I’m constantly in touch with the goals listing I did at the end of December to start for this year 2013. The full listing is here.