End of P3 School Year

Post-Exam End of Term – Reflections on Primary 3 Exams and Testing

Ling At 2 years old

She turned 2 last week! This is a record of her milestones and behaviour at 2 years old.

2017 Wk 31 – Ling recognised a letter

We had been actively reading books and learning the alphabet but she doesn’t learn words as fast compared to her brother. Or rather she doesn’t show? Hence, it was a surprise when she decided to point to this and say…

Updates in our life

Hi, I hadn’t update here for two months! Now that the girl is sick and only wished to lie on me to sleep for the whole day, I’m suddenly finding time to write in here. Right now, I’m confined to sitting on the bed with only my iPhone or iPad because she wakes up the […]