November 2016 : A New Beginning

November would be a month of restructuring for this blog as I declutter, keep those necessary posts and change new direction again for Year 2017.

Blogging A New Year

Last year, I started a project on blogging every week about things we did and mainly about Dar’s activities and accomplishments. In recent years, I’m more disciplined to finish things I’d started (No more procrastination!), so it was great to have finally blogged about the last week of 2015 and finish a year long project. […]

Oct 2015 – A Cleanup Again

Blog Matters about what I would be cleaning up on the blog in Oct 2015 and what’s coming up next in our life updates for the remaining weeks and next year…

Oct 2014 – Moving on

It was October 2013 last year when I started a revamp on this blog and pushed it through Google networks, publicising this URL. I feel it’s time for a revamp again. This time, deleting posts that are too old (before Aug 2014) and not viewed by anyone much anymore. Cutting down the posts to more […]