We are a Singaporean family blogging about our daily life and learning with our son and daughter. I started writing this blog when I was pregnant with my son. As he grew into a child, the nature of the articles changed into education, learning moments and outings. I’m happy to share baby moments again for our second baby of love.

Objective of Our Baby of Love Blog:

  • To record daily life moments, our learning and our achievements every year, so we may live a more active life instead of going with the flow. To look back at each year feeling accomplished that we had achieved so much.

  • To share our outings and explorations to various places in Singapore. Our main interests being nature and learning places, such as museums and events!

  • To share some of our home learning ideas with others and inspire them to create a routine of learning with their child, empowering them with knowledge, motivated self-learning and give them a head-start in life.

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The Boy

Known as “Dar”. He is in Primary 3 this year (2017) and studying in a new neighbourhood school.

The Baby

Known as “Ling”. She was born in Oct 2015.

The Daddy  

Known as “Vin” in the articles. He’s a hands-on Daddy and a supportive partner in caring for Dar. He teaches the boy Mathematics, talks about all things non-fiction and plays boys’ toys such as trains, cars and Lego with him.

The Mommy

Known as “Cat”. She was educated in Biochemistry from NUS, was a teacher in public schools for a short while, a tuition teacher for a long time, a freelance wedding flash animator for 5 years, a full-time graphics/games animator for 2 years and an admin/HR personnel for 2-3 years. Now, she stays home full-time and cares for both children. She teaches the boy the languages English and Chinese and enjoys introducing various themes on general and science knowledge to him.