Our Assessment Books for P3

During the holiday and for the coming year P4, I’m cutting down on the assessment books we are using and focusing more on information-finding through the internet, lap-booking, building up vocabulary for both languages and writing journals/diaries.

Someone asked in a previous post comment, what were the assessment books we used for Primary 3. I decided to compile it out for anyone who is interested to supplement learning for their child. 

For Weekly Revision throughout the year, we did the most for English Comprehension and Chinese Words Revision and Writing. For Science and Maths, we did minimal. I took one weekday to do a few Science revision exercises while for Maths, we focused on problem-solving maths word problem questions.

The following books were the most useful to us for the entire P3 school year:



  • EPH – I’m the Best in Composition Writing 3 
  • Casco- Phases for Sensational Writing 3

Supplementary Learning: 

Writing Revision: Term 1: English Journal Prompts Writing


  • Casco- How to Score English 3 (Doing this for P4 too for before exam practice)
  • FBP – Excel in English with Critical Thinking 3

Vocab and Cloze:

  • SAP – Conquer Cloze 3 (did this for June Holidays and finished it)
  • SAP – Conquer Vocabulary 3 (only did a few exercises) (Will be doing P5 level for P4)


Chinese Composition:

  • EPH-TARGETING FULL MARKS IN CHINESE COMPOSITION 作文满分没问题 3 (This was the most useful – Doing P4)
  • EPH- I’m The Best in Composition Writing 作文我最强 3/4 (Continue Using)
  • Victoria Publishing: 小学生好词好句 (Good Guidebook for our daily Diary Writing)

Supplementary Learning: 

Writing Revision: Term 1-4: Chinese Diary Writing

Chinese Comprehension:

  • EPH – 阅读理解方程式 3 (before exam revision)

Chinese Revision of Words and Practise Papers before exams:

  • Marshall Cavendish – 快乐练习Happy Practice 3A and 3B (weekly revision)
  • Victoria Publishing: Intensive Exercises for Primary 3A and 3B 强化练习(this is our favourite to use for revision before exams). [Will be doing P4 levels for these ]


  • EPH- Daily Dose of Science 3 and 4 (depends on school, some P4 topics were done in P3)
  • SAP- Conquer Science 3/4
  • EPH- Ultimate Science Guide Book Lower Block 3/4
  • Marshall Cavendish – Science of Success 3/4

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For P4: Will be doing more of information searching and reading up non-fiction and Science guides. 


  • EPH – Daily Dose of Maths 3 (Will be doing P4 Level)
  • Marshall Cavendish- Problem-Solving Beyond the Classroom 3
  • SAP – Proficiency Tests CA and SA papers 3 (for test paper revision before exams)
  • Challenging Maths 3 (only occasionally for some topics)

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