Tot School Wk 3 – Letter A is for Ambulance Astronaut

{ Origin: Tot School Letter A Activities Started in 2017 Wk 41 }

Our Tot School Activities are going well. We are almost doing something daily for each weekday (weekend is for outdoors). I’m moving on to two new words this week for Letter AAmbulance and Astronaut

A is for Booklet

1. Introducing A is For Ambulance and A is for Astronaut

First, we always start with colouring the pages for the Letter A Booklet.

I created the Graphics Text – Aa is for Astronaut and Aa is for Ambulance myself. The illustrations for the booklet were sourced from the Internet. They will be accompanied with real pictures side by side in a booklet page. 

I showed her the real pictures through Google search on how they looked like. Then, I showed her the colours to use for Astronaut, earth, star and ambulance. She chose the colours to colour Letter A herself. Finally, she’s starting to understand that she needs to colour inside the lines as much as possible. 

2. Making the Letter A Booklet Page

I cut them out leaving some white borders around the pictures and asked her to glue and paste them down onto a pink manila hard paper at least 160gsm. After doing so many, she’s getting better at glueing and pasting. Yup, she glued each individual pieces and chose where to place them down herself! 

FileShare: Download the real pictures for the Ambulance and Astronaut here. The copyrights doesn’t belong to me but I managed to clean up the ambulance for print

3. Making an Ambulance Printable Craft – Painting & Pasting

I searched through for ambulance crafts to do with Ling and didn’t find one that I like which was a more accurate representation. Our local ambulances are “vans” not trucks. The Tomica Toy ambulance we had is also a van. 

Thus, I decided to create a printable myself and drew it entirely in Adobe Photoshop. It’s the first time I create a printable! I actually wondered if it would work out (luckily it did!)

Letter A is For Ambulance Printable : Download Here

Steps To Create an Ambulance Craft: 

1) Firstly, print out the printable on a white sheet of paper at least 120 gsm. 

2) Cut the individual pieces out so the toddler can paint. I like to make it an art activity for her to use paints and learn about colour at the same time. You can always use any other colouring materials. Note: For an older child, they could paint or colour directly onto the paper if they are able to colour within the lines.

3) Hold the paper at the sides for the child to paint as it would move around with their strength. They could also hold it themselves if they know how.

Actually, it was a little difficult to paint over the small pieces as they moved when she moved the paintbrush over so I had to help hold them at one side. I also realized too late that I had to cut the circles out first because she painted over and I can’t see the lines after that to cut! T_T

4) Dry and let the child paste them in a collage activity on a colourful sheet of paper.

UHU Glue is less messy but alas, they are not so sticky and when she placed down, the paper will move. Hence, I have to help her position a little after she placed down to where I pointed.

We did this Ambulance Craft in this order: 

  1. White Left Body in Rectangle First
  2. Second White Front Body
  3. Black Front Window
  4. Rectangle Black Window (make sure almost align with the front one)
  5. Red Cross (to be aligned with the black window)
  6. Red Line Across the body
  7. Black Wheels
  8. Grey Inner Wheels
  9. Red Siren
  10. Lastly, Yellow Front Light slightly over the Red Line.

Tip: Don’t use yellow background like me!  I made a mistake. The light of the ambulance is yellow and it would thus not stand out. I only realised it when I placed it last.

Mostly, I didn’t alter her placement as I want it be her own work, hence you can see the pieces not entirely aligned. That’s okay!

Lastly, put it up on the wall to display for the child to see it daily! I used a sheet protector and blu-tack.

A is For Astronaut

Will update this later…

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