Ling At 2 years old

To record down what she is like at 2 years old, to capture her at this age and to look back later. :)

Her Behaviour

  • She loves to laugh and see humor in lots of things.
  • She enjoys play now and would initiate play with us.
  • She especially loves to go outdoor and wide spaces to run about.
  • Even though she’s very active, she has a quiet side where she loves to quietly flip through books to look at the illustrations.
  • She also has the patience to work on a creative art work for a long while.
  • She learns fast and could learn something instantly after watching us do it.
  • When she does something, she’s quite determined and would work until she succeeds.
  • On the negative side, she can be quite stubborn on what she wants, throwing tantrums when she is refused the item. She gets frustrated and bored when she’s not allowed to walk around to explore when we are out and about. She’s also afraid of less familiar people and does not like them to come near her.

Learning Ability

  • She understands a large variety of words in both English and Chinese but is not able to pronounce them. However, she correctly points to pictures/real stuff of them which we asked her in both languages.
  • She understands short sentences and instructions in English and Chinese. For Example, “Bring this to the room.” She would take the object and walk to the room. “Put back! 放回去!” I’m always telling her to put things back because she’s always so curious about things and taking things when it’s not appropriate for her or throwing things everywhere. When I tell her to tidy up, she does put them back in their correct places.
  • She can recognise certain alphabet letters. She would spot it in our surroundings and always excitedly point to them and named them with either their sound or the phonics sound. Examples of letters are: A, B, E, H, M, N, O, R, X. She also suddenly identified small letters: i, j , l, m, p, sounding them correctly.
  • She can sort colour animals according to their colour (recognises blue, red, orange, green, yellow, black) by placing them in the correct corresponding containers.
  • She can sort shapes such as Circle, Square, Rectangle, Triangle, Star and Semi-Circle into the shape sorter toy and understands the shapes I’m referring to when I call out the names in English. She also knows 正方形,圆形,三角形。
  • She is able to stack bricks up to seven or eight levels.


  • English: She can say single words, “ball, bear, walk, bye, catch, mole, book, tissue, key (said as “t”), cheese, clock, cold, no, hug, egg, bib, car, heart, glue (goo), paste”
  • Chinese: She can say, “画画,跑跑,洗手,鞋子, 毛,猫 , 狗,  什么”
  • She can make animal sounds for animals such as “Cow, Horse, Sheep, Pig, Cat, Dog, Owl, Bird”.She points to horse and says, “neigh neigh”, to sheep as “ba ba”, cat as “mao”.
  • She only says the name of the colour, “Black” as “bak”, “Pink” as “pim”. Sometimes, she says “pur pur” (purple).
  • She calls her brother, “Day Day” and calls us with “Ba Ba” and “Ma Ma”. But when I refer to her name, she cannot pronounce it and instead puts her hand on her chest, indicating that it’s herself.
  • She can’t speak in sentences yet.

Physical Ability

  • runs very fast
  • able to jump a little off the ground
  • does forward roll
  • climbs up any chair or structure taller than she is
  • climbs the step ladder structure at playgrounds
  • loves to walk up and down the stairs
  • slide by herself down straight slides and tunnel slide
  • rock herself on the rocking horse
  • scribbles well
  • draws circles
  • able to paint 
  • scoops very well
  • self-feed hard stuff(rice/spaghetti/noodles/biscuits) but needs help with porridge
  • forward throw a ball
  • kick a ball
  • she drinks milk, water and juice from a straw bottle
  • able to switch on/off the tap to wash hands.
  • dances a little to music
  • likes to push toys with wheels about

Her Favourites

  • She must read a book or do a learning activity (sort things /scribble) while I’m feeding her.
  • She loves to watch educational cartoons on YouTube now.
  • She enjoys Scholastic Stories such as the “How does a dinosaur…” series by Jane Yolen.
  • She enjoys watching some of the Chinese DVD stories that I bought when Dar was young, a set of “火车要开了”。
  • She loves anything that has music and animals.
  • She likes Art & Craft work. e.g. drawing, painting, sticking, pasting.

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