ArtTimeWithMe – Apple Tree Craft with Ling

She was doing Tot School with me on an apple art work when I first introduced her to finger painting. She wanted to continue playing with more paints, hence I let her do her “free expression”.

Wk 41 Session #3

First Finger Painting

I took out the rest of the tubs of yellow and red to add on to the green and brown and let her play with four colours.

For the next 25 minutes, she painted with her index finger or swiped her hand across the paper after I showed her.

At first, it was a nice mixture of colour until she started putting more brown which covered everything else. Alas, we overdid it!

Nevertheless, it was a good experience. I learn not to use too much Brown from now on…

To salvage the picture, I looked at it and saw the colours of an “apple tree” from it. An idea striked me to do an apple tree collage using this! It will fit our Tot School Learning of “Letter A is for Apple”.

My idea is to do a torn and paste collage since she loves tearing things up. I found her on several occasions, pulling entire stacks of tissue papers out of the box and tearing them up. (T_T”) That’s why we had to put our papers/tissue boxes out of reach from her.

Wk 42 Session #4

I finally found time to work on our “Apple Tree” craft.

1. Paint A Background

Firstly, we need to paint a background for the tree.
Hence, we did the painting in the morning. I used real watercolour paints this time. She was quite steady with the brush and followed my instructions and copied me to paint straight lines across the paper. However, she could only do it lightly and with a lot of water over the paints. The paint didn’t glide as smooth for her strength. Maybe I should have just stick to crayola paints. 

She was tired after a while of painting the sky blue. I guided her hand most of the time. When we started on the green where I mixed it with some yellowish brown, she started painting in circles – her favourite scribbling shape now. 

> Realised that I should have used a smaller piece of paper. A3 size is still too much for her to paint now.

2. Tearing 

At night, we did the tearing up of paper and pasting with glue stick. I cut up the finger-painted artwork into three separate pieces, where the colour showed more, Brown, Green and Red.

As expected, she loves the tearing activity so much! With each tearing, she was laughing about it and having so much fun. However, she still doesn’t have much strength so I had to help her tear a little first, hand it over to her and she continued breaking them into two. I think she’s delighted why I didn’t scold her for tearing these up! It’s great to work on her fine motor skills actually.

3. Pasting A Collage of Apple Tree

I find that she really likes to paste and eagerly waited for me to hand her the pieces of paper to paste on.

I used a really sticky one from Bostik this time as UHU glue stic wasn’t sticky enough when we did a pasting activity previously. I glued on the selected piece of paper and she helped me paste them onto the background painted paper, in an overlapping way.

Alas, the glue wasn’t good to use as it became a sticky residue to our fingers after a while. It took an effort for her to get the paper pasted down as it got stuck to her finger. We had to keep wiping with wet wipes to clear the glue. Thus, I think we would try normal glue next time.

After pasting the brown pieces into a fat trunk, I realised I didn’t have enough green! Oh well. The apple tree looked a little bare when it’s supposed to be a huge canopy. Oops! 

> Realised that I should have pasted a thinner trunk with less brown pieces.

The completed work:

I had since framed it up.

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