2017 Wk 31 – Ling recognised a letter

Two weeks ago when she turned 21 months, the first letter she uttered was “O”, while picking out a wooden “O” from an toy train alphabet set.

Subsequently, she refused to say “O” when I asked. We continued to watch “Leapfrog letter factory” and went through the letters of the alphabet in a wooden puzzle. We also have a  Winnie-The-Pooh Alphabet display hanging from the window. For books, I only read to her many times P.D. Eastman’s “The Alphabet Book”. She doesn’t like Dr Seuss’s ABC that much.

During the weekend, it was a huge surprise when she passed by this letter A while walking in a park, pointed to it and said it accurately many times. Daddy caught it on video after the first time.

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  1. Read your previous post… perhaps switch back to WordPress? I’m enjoying blogging again, it’s so fuss free and I don’t have to fret about the kids’ privacy anymore. :P It’s a chance to start over on a blank slate.