Updates in our life

Hi, I hadn’t update here for two months!

Now that the girl is sick and only wished to lie on me to sleep for the whole day, I’m suddenly finding time to write in here. Right now, I’m confined to sitting on the bed with only my iPhone or iPad because she wakes up the moment I leave and cries badly. Thus, writing is the best thing to do after you get tired of surfing for an hour or more. 

There are so much to recap as we did plenty of things in the June Holidays. However, I have no energy to write about them and prepare photos. Just yesterday, I finally edited 573 photos of our Changi Village staycation with Pulau ubin trip and Navy Museum visit. The next step is to compile Photobooks or print them out. I don’t leave them in computers because my children love to see themselves in photographs and remember our outings.

Besides this awesome vacation, we went for a 7 days 6 nights epic trip to South Korea and Jeju Island which you can read about at our travel blog, “Travelsnapstories”. Thus, more photos to print and another photobook to make. 

Other activities were visiting several museums such as National Museum of Singapore for the Children’s season and National Gallery for the inaugural Children’s Biennale. We even went to the Zoo for Reptopia and River Safari since we renewed our membership for friends of the zoo again. 

For nature activities, we walked the entire trail of Changi Coastal Boardwalk, played at Changi Beach and explored Chew Jawa and the Mangrove Boardwalk in Pulau Ubin. Each activity was an awesome memory to share… 

However, I’m also going back and forth again about blogging. Should I write or should I give up? There’s never time to do so many tasks in a day. We are actually planning to not renew this domain next year because it’s getting tedious.

After spending time working on my traveling blog, before and after our overseas trip to South Korea in June, I realized that whenever I blog, I’m losing time with my girl. I couldn’t find time to go out daily to the playground with her anymore. I seldom take pictures of her playing daily anymore. I don’t have any observations about her to jot down. :(

We spend weekends exploring Singapore and end up with lots of photographs. I spend time editing them to be printed into 4R or create into Photobooks. No time to write about them in perfectly formed sentences anymore ( I check my article plenty of times for mistakes, sometimes re-writing and only published after a long time of writing).

For now, it might be this way of writing with no photos to share. One day this might also cease to exist. Thank you readers for “reading us” so many years. 

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    Sad, I just discovered your link!