Weekend: Hindhede Nature Park

We had wanted to continue our forest trail in MacRitchie since it was abruptly stopped by rain. Unfortunately, we couldn’t wake up early enough to do so… Hence, we decided to go to Hindhede Nature Park in Bukit Timah Nature Reserve instead since it closes at 7pm. It is the next park I had in my list to try out and our first time there. 


We reached the entrance to the Hindhede at around 4.40pm where there was a carpark (Hindhede Drive). A note to drivers, take the road straight down Hindhede Drive, do not turn to the left when you see a fork (that leads to a condominium). When we called a cab to go back, the driver went to the wrong place because on the map, it looks like that road could lead to Hindhede Park. 

The first thing we saw was the Bukit Timah Nature Reserve Exhibition Hall to our left and the Toilets Area (with water-coolers) on the right. The road in the centre leads to Bukit Timah Hill.

To Hindhede Nature Park

Our plan is to visit Hindhede Park so we turned to the left, where there was a boardwalk leading up. 

As usual I pushed the stroller with our bags, and took photographs while Vin looked after the two children. Ling enjoyed the walk and would stop occasionally to look at the surroundings.

Flying Fox Playground

We reached the playground first and Dar tried the flying fox. He swiftly went down and swung so high in the air that it gave us a shock, telling him to “Hold on tight!!” He tried a second time and didn’t want to do it anymore. Next, he tried some climbing before we decide to move on along the path to explore the forest walk.

Hindhede Quarry

We soon reached the Hindhede Quarry. Wow, it was such a serene place! I love the reflection. To take a family photo, we propped our camera up on our stroller using a gorillapod and wifi to our phone to click. I don’t know why but we had forgotten all about this function of the camera until very recently.

Monkeys Sightings

Suddenly, we heard a rustle among the leaves on top. Several leaves dropped down as a monkey stared at us from the branches. I noticed it was looking at my stroller with all our bags. I had parked it quite near to the fence. Quickly, I grabbed my stroller and pulled it further, afraid it might grab my bags and run away with it (Ling’s dinner bag/snacks and my bag with Tula Carrier).

At the same time, it moved down quickly on to the fence, causing more leaves to fall in the process. One even landed on my head, which I only noticed after a short while because I was staring at the monkey intently, afraid it might jump. Another soon appeared which is smaller in size. The last one was a small monkey with its hand mutated (the one in the top right picture), which might be their child.

The two monkeys settled on top of the fence for a long time, unafraid of visitors and looking at us. We kept snapping photographs of them but nobody dare to move closer. In fact, we are the only ones standing right before the fence and closest to them, the rest of the people all stood away. I’m fascinated by our close encounter but having encountered a monkey grabbing my hat away from me before in Bali’s monkey forest, I knew they could be cunning and aggressive. 

As for Ling, she kept pointing to the monkeys and saying, “Hmm! Hmm! Hmmm!”. She loves animals and was so excited to see the monkeys right in front of her. 

We left soon after to explore more of the forest park. Outside the path to the Quarry, there was a signboard to read about the plants found in the forest.

Forest Trail

The park is undergoing some restoration works and certain paths had been blocked off. I had read about a deeper playground with swings, ropewalk and slides but the way to them was condorned off. I was a little disappointed until we discovered a forest pathway next to the boardwalk we came up from. Keeping our stroller, we decided to explore it to reach the playground.

I left Ling walked a little on the soil ground. She was enthusiastic and pointed to the twigs and leaves, wanting to pick them up. I didn’t let her though and just kept moving forward. Vin had to carry our stroller and bags. Dar helped to carry one of the bags too. Together we trudged through the forest trail with all our things (I wish they had lockers for visitors to put our things, since we don’t own a car)

Looking up, I discovered that the canopy of tall trees made a nice pattern against the sky. 

Photo Spots in Forest Trail

We did not just walk through the forest. Photography is one of my hobby and I love to find spots to take pictures of. I spotted a plant arching and asked Vin to take a picture of me throwing Ling up. Next, we found some stairs for them to take a nice sibling shot.

Hindhede Park Playground 

After about 11 minutes of walking (watch the video below for the journey), we reached this pathway leading to a hut. It should be the playground area I had read about.

The two of them had fun on the interesting tires swing. Ling had a little accident where she fell forward in the sand pit after tripping on an uneven portion in the ground. She got sand all over herself, so we had to clean her up at the hut. Surprisingly, Dar didn’t want to play with the climbing structures much but he liked the swing.

We thought of going back when someone walked out from a forest clearing behind the swings (look at Dar’s pic). We walked up the slope and discovered sheepishly that it leads to the first playground where Dar had played with the flying fox! *face palm. I felt kind of stupid, trying to walk through the forest trail to look for the swing playground when we could have just walked through the climbing area. Well, it certainly wasn’t visible from there!

However, if so, we wouldn’t have the experience of walking on the forest trail and discovering many plants species or nice photo spots! Still, we were glad there was no need to go back down the same forest trail path. We could now open up the stroller and place Ling in it, instead of carrying it.

Back to the Exhibition Hall

Dar is fascinated with the model of Bukit Timah Hill and actually went to look at it three times. It was closed by the time we came out (5.30pm) but I think we could learn some information from the exhibits inside. Next time, we would be back to view them.

Next, we went off to the toilets for a short break before deciding to do a short walk up Bukit Timah Hill (since we were there). Read more about our short but tedious journey up to the first resting hut, in the next post (this post is getting too long..)

Time Spent : 1.5 hours

A Video of our Exploration of Hindhede Park:

Nature Trail Walk #3 – Accomplished!

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