Weekend: Henderson Waves and Forest Walk

To Henderson Waves

It had been two weeks since our last Weekend explorations. I decided on walking at the Henderson Waves because we had never been there before. As the days had became very hot in the mornings, we chose to do it in the evening at 5.30pm. Vin found out we could start from a carpark at Mount Faber and as we took a Grab Car there, dark clouds loomed and it began to rain.

We went up to Mount Faber where we stopped to ask the security guard how to go “Henderson Waves”. We were to pass the cable car station down a long road to reach Carpark D. I realised we were almost going down near the exit of Mount Faber and wondered if we could have gone up another way just now, with no need to pass through Mount Faber. Dar was excited to see Mount Faber since we had only gone once when he was very young. I think we would try to visit it one day.

Alighting from Carpark D, we followed the direction to walk through this path of forest. The rain had just stopped and the air was cool, thankfully, as the weather had been pretty hot recently. 

It took another 5-10 minutes of walk up and down before we finally reached this signboard, starting our Henderson Waves Southern Ridges Walk.

The Henderson Waves bridge is slightly inclined and keeps going upwards. As we entered the boardwalk, a cat was strolling past.

It did a dangerous stunt by jumping onto the slippery fence. Even though cats are quite agile, we were still worried at times when it just jumped onto the outside of the fence, not caring for the deep forest below.

It’s a must to take a picture with this “resting arches” along the Henderson Waves Boardwalk. There are two of them. We also took some scenery shots and enjoyed looking at the surrounding buildings and greenery. 

How high we were! 62.7m above sea level.

A mandatory Siblings shot for their photobook moments later.

Forest Walk To Alexandra Arch

Soon, we walked down the Waves Bridge and reached the start of the Forest Walk, which would eventually lead to the 1.6 kilometre elevated pedestrian walkway, to Alexandra Bridge and Arch across Alexandra Road. After walking through, it’s good that we made the decision to go to the Henderson Waves first. From here, it’s mostly going downhill. A lot of people were going in the opposite direction from us and walking uphill instead. That would be tiring for us with a toddler!

When we reached the bottom of the forest walk before going to the elevated pedestrian walkway, a couple with kid coming in the opposite direction asked us for direction and wanted to give up because the forest path up to Henderson Walk seemed too steep for them…

It took a while of more walking before we finally reached the elevated pedestrian walkway. Fortunately, it wasn’t too far! I was worried because it was around 6.30 pm and I wondered whether we could walk out of this walkway before it turned dark! We were a little hungry and took out some snacks to eat while walking. 

There were boards showing what not to do when we encounter monkeys but we didn’t see any! 

We walked slowly, strolling Ling along until we reached this point. The winding walkway looked too interesting as a picture so I asked Vin to push them there first while I took a photo from this point! I did zoomed in for another photo but this looked better with all the surroundings, although they looked too small. heh.

There were so many varieties of plants to look at! Crawlers, waxy big leaves, round-shaped leaves etc…A good lesson for Dar who learnt about plants this year for Science.

Reaching this lookout point, we stopped for photography and rest. Lovely, lovely sunset…

We also let Ling out from her stroller so she could do some exercise too! She loves it so much and couldn’t stop putting her hands through the railing or touching the lights. She even tried to put her face through!

The big patch of green was so nice to look at. I admired the beautiful cluster of ferns. It makes for a beautiful backdrop for photo-taking. So I asked Vin to do some swing shots with Ling. She was laughing so much because she loves to be swung high up!

After this, we let her walk some more but when the sky started turning darker, we placed her back into the stroller so we could walk faster. She protested so much!

Around 7:18pm, when the sky had turned dark by now, we reached the Alexandra Arch as our final stop. The bridge was nicely lit up at night. Stopping for a while to observe the traffic down below, we decided to walk down the side staircase to flag a cab to Harbour Front nearby.

A nature walk always does wonders to lift up our spirits! I would be making an effort to visit as many nature places as possible this year! 


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