March Holidays 2017

The last weekend of March Holiday was spent at home because our dear Ling fell sick after coming back from a whole day of fun on Friday. Sigh. I was planning to visit the Gardens by the Bay during the weekend with the children’s festival. Guess we would have to do it another time. Fortunately, it ends on 2nd April.


The start of the week, we did a 2 days 1 night staycation at D’Resort Downtown East. It was quite last-minute as we booked it only on Friday with only a few rooms left. The room was located in Mangrove Walk, opposite the Wild Wild Wet but further from the mall. Thus, we had to walk a long time for lunch and dinner. It was convenient to walk to Wild Wild Wet though and that was where we spent two days with unlimited entries, using it to cross faster to the mall. Over the two days stay, we also went to Pasir Ris Park and beach and eXplorerKid indoor playground.

Museum Visit and iLight

On Friday, Vin specially took leave to visit the LKC Natural History Museum with us. We also decided to stay out the whole day to check out the iLight exhibitions for the first time. We hadn’t been to any the past years so we thought it’s about time. Alas, it was quite tiring to walk the around the entire Marina Bay area so we didn’t look at all of them and stopped at Uncle Ringo instead for some fun fair time. It was only after we were on the taxi back that I felt Ling became feverish. She ended up having a high fever over the weekend and we couldn’t go anywhere we planned. I will be writing about this in my next post.

Travel Blog

I had also resumed blogging on our travel blog because I have an urge to record our staycation down somewhere and this is not the blog to do it. That started me thinking I should just write simply and record them down, together with our travels last year, even though they were not much and may not be helpful to anyone. They are our memories after all. Hence, I would be blogging about our staycation soon in TravelSnapStories after I’m done with our KL trip. Stay tuned over there if you want to read more about our experiences.

Meanwhile, some photos moments to share:

Home Learn with Dar

Even though it’s the holidays, I still gave Dar work to do so he would not laze around. I focused on writing and comprehension for English and Chinese and didn’t do any Maths and Science.

Work he did:

  • “Conquer Cloze” every morning after breakfast.
  • Chinese Diary (twice)
  • English Journal Questions (twice)
  • How to Score English (One Unit)
  • Chinese Composition Assessment (作文满分没问题)
  • English Composition Sensational Writing Asst.

Looking at his Chinese Diary Writing, he is getting so much better! Writing regularly does help. He now writes three four paragraphs with ease. I will write about his progress in another post.

The rest of the time he spent building Lego creations, watching movies on YouTube, reading the Chinese comics I bought, Horrible Geography and reading our Travel Blog. He finally had the interest to read all our travel stories online after I was discussing about our blogs with him. He is quite oblivious to our blogging. Until now, he still doesn’t read this blog even though he knows it exist.. ^^”

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