A place to display his creativity

Many a times, I had wanted to record what Dar had been doing with his creativity on this blog but with another child who constantly needs my attention, it’s difficult to edit photos and post it with blog posts constantly.

That day when we were clearing out the store-room, we came across a box full of books which contains all his drawings from when he first started writing. He immediately took out all of them and pored through the pile, smiling at the drawings he did long ago and saying things like, “I didn’t know how to draw trains properly last time…” He enjoyed looking at what he drew and how he grew as an artist.

Starting from Week 3, where I had the idea to let him do this new project for 2017, a Doodle of his life every week, he had done three nice line drawings. Especially the latest on our outing to Gardens by the Bay. I thought it would be nice to keep all these in one place so he could always look back at his artistic growth and his life stories.

Therefore, two days ago, I set up a new instagram account which holds all his creative ventures from 2016, which would include Lego models he had been making. I would be the one posting to this account for him as I do not allow him to use it himself, except to view. I had filled it with art from his Picture Journal 2016 (posted some on this blog before), a daily journal project we did in June 2016 with intention to be a 100 days project. It ended up with 62 pages because he didn’t want to continue anymore with watercolour.

Recently, he started using our DSLR camera to take his own Lego creation shots so I would be posting those soon. In between drawing, he loves to create his Lego city and vehicles and aspires to be a Lego designer one day. I asked him for a name for his account but he couldn’t come up with good one that wasn’t already taken. It took me two days before Daddy finally gave me a name.


If you are interested in following him to see what he comes up with, you can follow the account at instagram: @darcreativelab

Pic 3. Weekly Journal Project: Life in 2017. #darweeklyjournal2017

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When I have time, I might also update with a collective post on all his works. The Instagram account would however be more current and in the moment.

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