Outing: CNY Dahlia Dreams

Ling fell ill on the first day of Chinese New Year and I had a slight cold on the second and third day, so we didn’t manage to go out to places of interests we had planned. (Read “CNY Moments“)I wanted to take some New Year shots with our new clothes which has been a tradition in our little family so far.

Tuesday is a school holiday for the children and Vin has leave from work. I thought we really had to make an effort to get some photos taken to mark our CNY memories. Otherwise I might regret it when I make our photo book. 

So we set the alarm to specially wake up at 8am so we could go to Gardens By the Bay early. We still woke up past that but managed to be ready by 9.30am to head out. 

On arrival, we were attracted by the nice New Year Deco at the entrance and took a photo with it.

Then, it took a while of queuing before we got the tickets and by the time we entered it was after 10.30am. Fortunately, the crowd was still manageable. We were able to take photographs with the structures we wanted without much obstructions. Once, we even tried to time a photograph of ourselves but didn’t succeed when people kept walking by at the last-minute when the timer ran out.

I love the Chinese Architectures throughout the Gardens display with the colourful flowers which made us seemed as though we were in a foreign country.

We made sure to slowly look at the beautiful chrysanthemum, dahlia flowers, sunflowers etc in the same family and take pictures with Rooster statues throughout the flower dome, so as to mark the Year of the Rooster. 

I also remembered to take Brother and Sister shots and Dar Ling’s individual shots to freeze these cute moments when they were young.

Frankly, many dahlias look kinda wilted already while the yellow bed of lively chrysanthemum was really eye-catching and good for picture takings. 

The Chinese pavilion was also a good photo point but Ling wasn’t too cooperative as she wanted to keep walking through the pavilion structure with a nice bridge. 

It is cool inside the flower dome and it got colder the longer we stayed. I quickly put on the sweater for Ling and gave Dar an additional t-shirt to put on. I didn’t bring my sweater though and felt quite cold. I need to remember to do it next time.

A staff helped us to take this nice family photo as it was so hard to find a passerby to help. Thank you so much!

We walked around the entire dome for 1.5 hours before heading out to Children’s Garden for Dar to play a little. I fed Ling some bread and she fell asleep in my arms soon after. 

As it was lunch time, we decided to go for lunch at Satay by the Bay before proceeding to the Cloud Forest. 

It’s our second time at the Cloud Forest though we had visited Flower Dome many times. I was disappointed that they had taken the “mist” away. The last time we were here, we were impressed with the misty atmosphere generated artificially which made us feel as though we were really walking in the clouds. Now it doesn’t really seem like the “lost world” since everything is so clear. 

Nevertheless, it was still a nice walk and we came back with good memories and pictures. A wonderful way to capture our Chinese New Year.  

Active and energetic Ling couldn’t stop walking around and looking at the greenery. She loves nature a lot.

The Event

Date: 20 Jan 2017 – 19 Feb 2017

Time: 9am – 9pm Daily

Venue: Gardens by the Bay, Flower Dome

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