CNY 2017 Moments


We celebrated CNY Reunion with a lunch at my in-law’s house and a dinner at my house. Vin was on forced leave and would be resting until Wednesday.

The usual celebration starts with the “Lo Hei” and Dar was super excited as he could eat the crackers. All the kids enjoy the crackers and always ask for more of those. On a whim, I fed some cracker with sour veggies strips to Ling and she loves it too! Nowadays, she likes to nibble off whatever we eat on our plates. During mealtimes, she fusses to get on our laps to eat our food even though she has her own porridge to finish.

As compared to last year, this year was so much easier with her walking and playing the toys by herself. I just had to keep a look out in case her rowdy cousins crashed into her while chasing each other. I had to join in the lunch later too as I chased her around to feed her porridge but still managed to eat most of the stuff. 

During the evening meal, while we gathered for steamboat, she insisted to be carried to join in the feast. Vin had fed her earlier so we could eat in peace but she doesn’t want to be “left out”. Hence, I placed her on the high chair with an empty bowl and spoon so she could “eat”. She still kept fussing so my mum gave her a stick of asparagus to play with and she immediately became all smiles and tried to scoop and hold it. I then fed her some steamboat stuff and she immediately quieten down. Ah…I didn’t know she like food so much! 

Just when I planned to go for our annual CNY photo shoots at places of interest such as River Hongbao or Gardens by The Bay, she fell sick on the night of the reunion and couldn’t sleep well with a blocked and runny nose. Thus, the first day of CNY, we stayed at home and just rested. I wasn’t feeling too good myself with a sore throat after some earlier sneezing bouts. 


Thus, Chinese New Year was pretty uneventful as we just headed to my in-law’s house on the second day for a simple lunch and visited a friend for an hour after that. She loved to sit in the toy car they have, learnt to push along with her legs and kept going in and out of it.

That night, we celebrated again with a second steamboat dinner at my sister’s new house. I realised I still couldn’t talk much with my family members because I’m attending to Ling every second. She’s so active that I’m worried about her taking others’ belongings, destroying them or hurting herself.

She tend to take small things and put them into her mouth too. Like the small styrofoam beads she accidentally swallowed, showing me a disgusted expression only when it was too late. It was from a pillow Dar and his cousin played with, until it suddenly burst. Dar tried to put them back and didn’t tell me about it so we didn’t know there was a huge spill of it on the floor. I was pretty worried about it initially but she was still fine the next day. 


Dar drew his experience of the CNY gathering at my sister’s house from memory, in his weekly doodle journal, a new drawing project I started with him. I still want him to do something creative since the last painting journal failed. For this project, he is to draw using only black ink and colour with the ink or markers if he wants. No colouring needed if he doesn’t want to (reason why it failed). I wanted him to just draw but he’s still afraid of making mistakes and prefer using pencils first. 


After the CNY gathering, with the huge number of people to observe, Ling seemed to have acquired new skills. She started pushing herself on her little car at home when she couldn’t do it much in the past.

She also babbled more and out of the blue, took the toy lemon from the shopping cart and said, “le…mon”. I was so surprised and thought I heard wrongly! She uttered it a few more times until I was convinced. Then, she took out the banana and said, “” too in a soft low voice. We almost didn’t catch it. Vin said, it must be because she heard a lot of children talking during the gatherings and decided she could start speaking too… A new milestone obtained at 15 months old!

As for our annual CNY photoshoot, we finally headed out to do it only on Tuesday, which I would share in my next post

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  1. Yoke Teng Yim says:

    Hi Cat,

    Happy Chinese New Year to you and family. May all of you be blessed with abundance, good health, happiness and joy always :)