Spring Clean

With one more week left to the Chinese New Year, we decided to tackle an overdue project – Our Store Room!

Last year, we did major cleaned-up of our house, repainting and throwing away several stuff. The only place we didn’t do anything much was the store room as there were massive metal shelfs. We only re-organised, placed stuff into ikea clear boxes and placed them back to the room. It is still stuffed full to the brim and we couldn’t even walk inside to find things we need.

Over the two days of the weekend, we finally took down everything, moved boxes of stuff to the living room and disassembled the metal shelfs to discard. The wood of the shelves were getting bad after thirteen years and there was a layer of dust on the floor underneath the shelves since we had never cleaned out the room properly.

It was tiring to do the re-organising/cleaning over two days but I felt satisfied seeing how there’s ample space to walk now and things are more organised than before. We also decided to place the boxes of toys for Ling in her own room so there are lesser stuff to clutter the storeroom.

The floor was so dirty that I had to clean it 5 times and scrubbed the walls. Finally, we decided to re-paint it too with the anti-mould ceiling paint left from last year’s paint job.

After clearing out the stuff, Vin immediately got to work on it on the evening itself, painting the sealer first and the anti-mould paint about two hours after. The next morning, the place was dried and we placed back all the boxes we took out after doing another sorting and de-cluttering.

Now, the store-room is certainly neater and easier for us to find things. We would have to get some metal shelves after CNY to make the storage more efficient as we are not able to stack the boxes to the ceiling.

Ling enjoyed going into the store-room as it was previously out of bounds to her. She had fun walking about in the empty room before we re-organised and the three of them even went in, closed the door and talked so they could hear their echo and let Ling listen too. Dar had the idea to bring the chirping bird in to try the echo made from the sound. 

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