New Stroller

After the parents’ seminar, we decided to go to the Mothercare fair at Harbour Front to get some baby stuff on sale.

We tried out and bought the Pockit stroller as I had been wanting to get a lightweight one to replace our current heavy stroller, for short trips. She likes to roam around nowadays and always whine to get out of the stroller. We end up carrying her or letting her walk all the time, pushing the stroller. 

So far, we are loving it as we brought it out to the nearby Canberra Park and she had no use for it while playing. It’s only used to stroll her to the mall after that to eat. It’s also great for short trips like visiting our parents or if I need to bring her to meet Vin for dinner. No need to carry that heavy McLaren stroller around now. 

The negative part is that it’s not weather proof and not protective at the sides, so sun gets to her. She also can’t sleep in it as it has only one incline position.

Look at how small it is when packed! We packed it in a recycle bag to bring out.

It’s still heavy to carry about (4.8kg) but at least it doesn’t take up much space and we could use it for travelling overseas.

Another big purchase was a car seat under the Mothercare brand which was on sale. She had outgrown the previous cradle car seat with her height. She hates the back-facing seat too and would complain non-stop. We hadn’t tried it on as it would only be used when we rent a car for outings. We are also considering to get a weekend car in the near future since we do not need a car daily (Vin takes company bus). It would definitely be a huge burden on us with only Vin working and we might have to forgo travel trips.

While at the Visitor’s Centre at Harbour Front, we saw two huge cruise ships and Dar was so excited. He loves ships so much and wishes to go on a cruise one day. When we left the place, only the Aida cruise was still docked, so he took a picture with it.

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