Art Class Ended

Dar attended his last lesson at his enrichment Art Class last weekend. I’m quite upset with his decision but there’s no point in forcing him to attend when he lost interest in painting and feels that I’m pushing him to do it.

His Last Artwork in Jan 2017.

The decision to stop was due to us falling out over the picture journal he was doing during the holidays. Nowadays, he has a mind of his own and doesn’t quite listen to me anymore. I think I’m entering the phrase of pre-teen stage where usually parents start to feel frustrated with the child for going against them, unwilling to take helpful advice.

I specifically told him to draw a picture of the exhibition which he found interesting but he gave me the interior of the Art Science Museum which I had mentioned that I do not want (he drew too many structural buildings in the journal and it doesn’t have significance to his museum trip). Adding to it, he just water-paint it anyhow with the same colour. No gradient nor contrast. I reprimanded him on his unwillingness to put in his best and take pride in his Artwork and how he doesn’t apply the lessons he had learnt in Art Class to his personal artwork.

Then, I angrily asked him whether he still wants to learn it, if not, don’t waste my money and he goes, he doesn’t want to anymore. On subsequent discussions, he actually said he was kinda forced into it. I was so upset with him over him saying this, because the reason why we bring him tirelessly to the Art Class every Sunday for 1 year & 9 mths was because he enjoys drawing and told us he likes the Art Class when we did the trial… I guess interest waned over this period, plus he changed three teachers. He prefers the first teacher he had and after that, his interest seemed to have gone downhill. 

The funny thing is, he shows enthusiasm during the lessons and completes his work beautifully. He does his best in each lesson and teachers are always full of praise for him. Why doesn’t he apply it to his private work at home? His answer was that he hates watercolouring or any colouring…which made me roll my eyes… so how did he even create those beautiful artwork he brought back?! No clue as to what he was thinking…

These are his Artwork from Mar 2016 – Dec 2016 which I hadn’t shared on the blog. All drew and painted by himself over a period of two three lessons for an Art piece. He also did a sculpture and a paper sculpture in between.

His Art Work in Order from March 2016 to Dec 2016 (Age 7-8):

In December, he did a three day Art Workshop at the same studio, completing a sculpture.

I still think it’s a waste for him not to continue…sigh…I hope he would want to do Art Workshops (short 3 days lessons) in the school holidays. At least, he could still learn every quarter.

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  1. Can see that Darius have a talent in art and I believe this talent will stay with him throughout his life, even if he stop art lessons. Children nowadays are much more opinionated compared to our times. Let him take a break and see which other programs he may be keen later on. 加油!

    • Thanks for the kind words! I do wonder if I’m too harsh with him as that’s what he said too, that he wants to take a break. I could force him to continue but I’m not that type of parent.
      I still feel extremely disappointed though as he doesn’t want to learn anything despite us having the financials and time to do it. This was something he finally nodded his head to…and it’s stopped now too. He’s really “身在福中不知福”。I guess I’m just the typical parent, worried abt his future, that he won’t have any skills apart from studying.