Weekend: Books

We specially went to Ngee Ann City for Kinokuniya. I wanted to browse and get some new board books for Ling, especially Goodnight Moon. The copy which Dar owned had been recycled since it was too old and tattered.

She was in a stroller for a while but soon grew restless and wanted to roam. I was worried about letting her walk about as she tends to pull out books from the bookshelf at home. Would she make a huge mess in the bookstore?

Fortunately, she was in a different mood that day and decided to take up boxes of the comic books and stack them up!

I exclaimed to Vin, “When did she learnt to stack?” I was so surprised as she has always been the “destroyer” instead of the creator. She is the complete opposite of her brother. He loves to build while she loves to take things apart.

Once she finished stacking, Daddy took it all down lest the salesperson come and scold us. When she saw them on the floor, she did the stacking again! It went on for a while until she got distracted and went off to start flipping through a magazine. I was busy with selecting books so Vin had to chase her around.

For Dar, he still picks up comic books instead of novels whenever we are in a bookshop. I complained to him that there are so many books around in the rows and rows of bookshelf and all you want to do is to read these comics? (Avengers, Transformers, TinTin ). Can you browse for any novel series you like? He tried to browse around after I was more firm but still went back to his reading. I gave up. I don’t know why but he always want me to select books for him to read (either bought or borrowed) and doesn’t want to do it himself. Fortunately, he would read whatever I choose for him and enjoys it.

These were the books which I bought to read to Ling: Except for Goodnight Moon and Owl Babies which I had read to Dar when he was younger, the rest were new books which I had not bought nor read before. I love the illustrations in “All the World” and thought it seemed nice to read aloud.

Adding these to Baby Ling’s expanding collection of Daily Reads. Some of the books were passed down from Dar. I read to her during mealtimes and usually more during snack time.

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