The New Year…2017

We are starting a New Year again! This year feels special as it will be my 10th year of blogging! Yes, I started this blog in Nov 2007 after learning about my first pregnancy. 

Many things had happened since then…and the blog has stopped and started a few times in between due to my different statuses.

I’m truly blessed to be able to stay home these last four years to watch Dar changed from a kindergartener to a confident eight year old and witness new baby milestones again for Ling. Jotting them down right here in this blog was always a fulfilling task as I could reminisce now on how cute and interesting they were. This fueled me to continue writing for as long as I’m able because it’s so much easier to type here and consolidate in one place than starting several journals that would get lost. 

The only problem is occasionally I tend to get over paranoid about what I share and would suddenly decide not to be so “open”anymore. Like why should anyone read about us? Should we be so opened about our lives to public? Until now, my mind still cannot agree on this and I have no solution. The only thing I would do is to made them private when it’s time to tidy up the blog in October each year.

I guess for the New Year 2017, in order not to be so detailed…my direction would be to blog about things we do, what we experienced, places we visited. 

I tried switching to blogging over at the travel blog about our Singapore outings in 2015 but it doesn’t seem to work. I tend to be more “pro” over at TSS because it was a nominated blog with feeds going internationally (can’t control as OMY list any of my new post in their site). Many different nationalities read that blog and if I write casually on our Singapore outings, it doesn’t seem to fit with our better writing on our planned overseas trip, introducing itineraries, attractions, tips etc. Therefore, in order to save those outing moments so I can remember them again when I need the info for my photobooks, I think I would just blog about them here in this blog in a summarized way. 

Also, for 2017, I want to record more of daily life moments here. The littlest things that caught my attention, which I find interesting about our lives as a family. I want to do it in a more casual way and just record. I want to put up more photographs of captured moments with short notes. I would then end with a bi-weekly summary of the captures or a monthly post. Or maybe I will just scrap currently as I go and blog the scrapbook page. 

My little word for 2017 would be to “Create”. I’m pleased that I accomplished almost all my goals last year, except for “Finish some travel entries on my travel blog”…I do not have time for another blog for now. This shows that having thoughts about our future does work. Once thoughts are generated, we would tend to act on it.

So this year I will list down my goals again. 

 My List of Goals for this year 2017:

  • Improve Dar’s writing in both English and Chinese
  • Finish even more photo projects
  • Do more creative stuff myself such as drawing, designing.
  • Start creative learning activities with Ling
  • Travel to at least two places
  • Explore new places in Singapore we had not been to

Looking forward to a great 2017! 

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