Sentosa Wings of Time

We stayed around in Sentosa to catch the new “Wings of Time” musical fountain show after our Port of Lost Wonder playground fun on 12th July.


I wanted to purchase the tickets online using my phone but after submitting my details, they told me there was an error so we had to go to the ticket counter at the Beach Station to purchase it directly. Later, we discovered that the sale did in fact went through and they charged us for the tickets on our credit card! It was two days of frenzy calling and sending in proofs and explaining before they promised to refund us our money. This incident soured our visit somewhat. Will not purchase online again!

We walked into the waiting queue 10 minutes before the supposed “starting time” for the show but the movement was so slow that the show started before we could enter the stage! The ushers were yelling at people to give them the tickets and for us to queue in two lines. There was some chaos there. When we ran in, we discovered they were doing a warm-up first with a song and dance routine so we relaxed and looked around for seats.

This was the first time we are bringing Dar to this show even though we had viewed the previous “Songs of The Sea” ourselves. I noticed there were still plenty of empty seats in front and chose to seat at the second row. I thought, we would have a good view without much obstruction.


I realised our ‘mistake’ later when the water started splashing and rained down all over us when the musical starts! I’m not sure whether those at the back got splashed too but we were certainly enduring the constant splashing of water on our faces, stopping only at some points with some changes in scenes. It felt like a drizzle and a kid behind me was shouting, “It’s raining!” Except, it was sea water and my hands itched after that. We quickly headed to the washroom to wash up.

The show was spectacular indeed but due to these constant splashing, I couldn’t quite concentrate. I was wearing contact lens and had to shield my eyes, worrying constantly about the water. Hence, one must either sit further back, wear glasses or wear a hat. We put a hat on Dar because he couldn’t concentrate too. The poor people in front of me was trying to cover themselves with their thin scarves as they got the full blast of it. It was due to the open surroundings with wind blowing at the water display, after it shot metres high above us.

About the show, the sounds were quite muffled where we sat at the extreme right. I couldn’t catch the story at all and had to read the introduction to find out what it is about. The seats in the centre are for those who paid for “Premium” seats so they got a more centre view of everything. I wonder if it would be better if we paid a bit more for the premium seats?

The actor and actress came to our side and ran away, appearing on the projected screen in digital 3D. I pointed them out to Dar and he asked, “How did they get there?!” Ha.

The phoenix appeared and they went through a time travel journey past several countries.



The movement of the water was normal and what we usually see for musical fountains. I enjoyed the different types of music and the digital visuals on those triangular boards. Chinese instrumental music for Silk Road, Arabic music for the desert scene, African music for safari etc.



Nice! but be prepared for the splash of water next…

I was more impressed by the fire effects when the phoenix flew over a volcano and the laser lights performance was beautiful.


During the ‘exploding’ fire scenes, we were surprised several times with fire sprouting from rocks right in front of us. That was exciting and gave us a feeling of ‘danger’ with the drum tribal-like music.

The show ended with spectacular fireworks display, shooting high into the sky.


Overall, we did enjoyed the show (minus the discomfort) but the story wasn’t very appealing to Dar so to him, it’s more of a water fountain performance with laser lights.

[ More Info ]

Catch “Wings of Time” (Website), alighting from Beach Station on Sentosa Island.

Tickets: Local $15 | Standard $18 | Premium $23
Show times: 7.40pm & 8.40pm daily

* There’s a discount for NTUC Plus! Card holders so total tickets for the three of us was : SGD$40.50 (discount of $4.50)

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