Wk 38 – 41 Moments


// A photography series showing our life moments or to record interactions with Dar. Wk 38  Questions. Questions. A child who doesn’t ask never learn. Curiosity keeps the mind moving forward. As a child, I had always been curious about stuff and even now, I’m constantly learning. Therefore, I’m glad my boy is doing the same. We have a […]

Wk 35 – 37 Moments

With the new camera, the pictures we took have upped a level. They are really much nicer! I’m therefore inspired to start a photography series showing our life moments or to record interactions with Dar. He’s so witty nowadays and always make us laugh out loud with his cute responses. Not sure how long I’ll […]

Oct 2014 – Moving on

It was October 2013 last year when I started a revamp on this blog and pushed it through Google networks, publicising this URL. I feel it’s time for a revamp again. This time, deleting posts that are too old (before Aug 2014) and not viewed by anyone much anymore. Cutting down the posts to more […]

DarWrite – A Picture Story


He was inspired by an animation he watched and started making this ‘picture story’ about two brothers making a journey on various transportation. Check out the videos of his process of making it and the end product…

Scrapbook Our Photographs


A new Nikon camera bought over the weekend after visiting Funan IT mall, prompted us to start taking photographs in an enthusiastic way again. With all the photographs capturing our daily moments, what do we do with them? Print into 4Rs, 5Rs? Just blog a few and keep the rest in hard disk drives? Let me share my Scrapbook Photo books…

Moments of Love Charity Concert


A new thing we did for August was attending a live concert with Dar. My Singapore Project Moments of Love Concert was held on 12th of August. This post summarised what went on, with my thoughts and experience on it…