Weekly Moments: 2015 Wk 7


A record of learning and family life moments of 2015 Wk 7.

Books Read – Dec ’14 and Jan ’15


Sharing a List of Children’s Books that our boy read and enjoyed for December 2014 and January 2015…

Weekly Moments: 2015 Wk 6


A record of learning and family life moments of 2015 Wk 6.

P1 School Learning : Term 1 Wk 1 to 5


How is Primary 1 schoolwork like? Dar brings home exercises to do almost daily. In this post, I share about the school work and the books they are using in Primary 1. Every school has a different focus and his school’s priority is in reading stories and comprehension.

Home Learning P1: Chinese Learning & Books Read


My focus is on Chinese Learning since he started Primary 1. Speaking the Chinese language and reading more Chinese storybooks would be a priority. View recordings of his current Chinese Reading Progress and Read about the variety of activities and resources I use, in doing home learning of Chinese with Dar.

Weekly Moments : Jan 2015 Wk 1 – 5


A Summary of our life moments in Jan 2015 as our little boy started his journey in Primary 1.