Swimming Lesson – Parental Help?


We finished the second lesson of swimming over the weekend. This time, Vin was asked by the teacher to go into the pool with Dar so she could manage more efficiently with other kids. This created a dilemma, to help or not to help? [...]

Mar ’14 – Firsts


We had a busy March with outings on weekends and we are always doing something new each month so I thought of doing a summary post of March with a collection of first times we did an activity. Read on [...]

Secrets of the Fallen Pagoda — Asian Civilisations Museum


This was our first time with Dar to the Asian Civilisations Museum and we were there for the special exhibition, Secrets of the Fallen Pagoda. There were lots of galleries to explore and we took our time looking at the exhibits [...]

[ArtSeries] Part 8 – How He Drew Landscape


Part 8 of A Showcase of Dar’s Drawings from 2012 to Present. His progressive drawings of the surrounding Landscape with objects he sees in daily life and the details he put into each landscape picture [...]

Visit to NEWater


Another first experience for us. Last weekend, we made a trip to the far eastern end of Singapore to learn more about water recycling. Read about our experiences in the NEWater visitor centre. [...]